reproductive rights

reproductive rights

Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and the ACLU won their suit to overturn unconstitutional restrictions on abortion rights in the state.
Marie Solis
roe v. wade

These States Will Immediately Ban Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Repealed

Four states have "trigger laws" that will instantaneously put a ban in motion, 10 have pre-Roe anti-abortion legislation on the books, and seven others have expressed intent to limit abortion rights.
Marie Solis
reproductive health

In These States, Pharmacists Can Refuse to Fill Your Prescription for Religious Beliefs

Last week, an Arizona woman tried to fill a prescription to induce a miscarriage — but said she was turned away by her local Walgreens.
Marie Solis
reproductive rights

More and More Doctors Are Denying Abortions Based on Religious Beliefs

And putting women's health—and, in some cases, their lives—at severe risk by doing so.
Kimberly Lawson

Ireland Has Legalized Abortion. Now What?

As the dust settles from Ireland's historic decision to decriminalize abortion, doctors and activists debate how to implement a healthcare system that makes the procedure accessible for everyone.
Brian O'Flynn
reproductive rights

Abortion Activists Send Message to Google Shareholders via Plane Banner

Women’s advocacy organization Ultraviolet sent a plane to fly over Google’s annual shareholder meeting with the message, “Accessing Abortion Care? Google Lies," to highlight misleading search results for abortion care.
Kimberly Lawson

Cher Once Played an Abortion Doctor in a Pro-Choice Movie She Directed

With an all-star cast including Demi Moore and Sissy Spacek, the 1996 film "If These Walls Could Talk" broke barriers in its honest and nuanced portrayal of abortion.
Katherine McLaughlin
reproductive rights

On Board the Controversial Bus Giving Out Illegal Abortion Pills in Northern Ireland

Northern Irish pro-choice activists are mobilizing in the wake of Ireland's decision to repeal the Eighth Amendment. We join protesters handing out abortion pills in one of the most anti-choice nations in Europe.
Norma Costello
Repeal the Eighth

Ireland Has Voted to Legalize Abortion

In a stunning victory for reproductive rights, the Irish public has chosen to repeal the Eighth Amendment—meaning that for the first time ever, abortion will be legal in the country.
Sirin Kale
Repeal the Eighth

Ireland Goes to The Polls for High-Stakes Vote on Abortion Rights

"I say yes," a social worker voting to repeal Ireland's Eighth Amendment tells Broadly. "You have to understand other people’s lives. You don’t know what they’re facing."
Brian O'Flynn
Repeal the Eighth

Why I'm Flying Home to Vote in the Irish Abortion Referendum

"The measure of any society is how well it treats its women, and frankly, Ireland is not looking too good in this respect."
Lianne Hickey
Repeal the Eighth

What I Discovered Knocking on Irish Voters' Doors for Abortion Rights

I spent the weekend asking people how they were planning to vote in this week's referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment.
Emma Gallen