'Surviving R. Kelly' Revealed Black Women's Roadblocks to Exposing Abuse

Lifetime's docuseries about R. Kelly provided a platform for his alleged victims to talk about nearly two decades of abuse, but also showed their obstacles to coming forward and finding justice.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
actually it's good

You Need to Watch 'The Covenant,' a Film About Shirtless Male Witches

When "The Covenant" came out in 2006, it was universally panned. We rewatched the film and have decided that it's a masterpiece, mostly because it features a shirtless Tim Riggins and shirtless Nate from "Gossip Girl" doing witchcraft.
Callie Beusman
Diana Tourjée

Learning to Skateboard When You're an Adult Is Extremely Embarrassing

As part of my quarter-life crisis, I decided to become an extremely chill skateboarder in a bucket hat. Unfortunately, skating is very hard—and skate parks are filled with terrifying teens.
Gabby Bess

Courtney Love Goes Full Lifetime in Menendez Brothers Movie

She rips off her co-star's wig and haunts the murderers in "Menendez: Blood Brothers."
Mitchell Sunderland

'The Bachelorette' Premiere Took Viewers into the Horniest Circle of Hell

But Rachel seemed to like it?
Gabby Bess

Why Everyone Thinks They Know the Truth About JonBenét Ramsey's Murder

With "Casting JonBenét," Kitty Green doesn't rehash the facts of JonBenét Ramsey's murder or offer answers, but offers a new look at our cultural obsession with the case.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
Weed Week

Reviewing a 'Cheech and Chong' Movie While Extremely Stoned and on Painkillers

In honor of 4/20, I decided to pay tribute to America's favorite stoners by reviewing "Up In Smoke" while taking bong rips and, incidentally, codeine that I was prescribed because I have a compressed nerve in my neck.
Mira Gonzalez

The Feminist Professor Who Says Students Took the Campus Rape Debate Too Far

In "Unwanted Advances," provocative feminist author Laura Kipnis argues that issues of consent and power should be treated with more nuance on college campuses. But is it realistic to think that shifting the rhetorical framework around sexual assault...
Rebecca Stoner

Dealing With Life's Tough Shit—And Having the Privilege to Write About It

Ariel Levy suffered the premature birth and death of her son while traveling abroad alone. In 'The Rules Do Not Apply,' she details the meticulous mapping and rapid evaporation of a stable-seeming life.
Claire Sheedy

Rachel Cusk Examines the Power of Motherhood by Ignoring It

While many writers have turned to autobiography in their work, the Canadian author, who was torn apart in the press after publishing controversial memoirs about motherhood and divorce, has developed a unique strategy for critiquing culture in her new...
Olivia Parkes

Carefree Black Music: We Talked to Jamila Woods About Her Uplifting Debut Album

The R&B artist has collaborated with Macklemore and Chance the Rapper. With the release of "Heavn"—her first full-length album that explores blackness, police brutality, and self-love—she is finally in the spotlight on her own.
Gabby Bess

What Happens When You Drink an Entire Bottle of Weed Lube

After suffering chronic yeast infections for years, I thought all-natural THC lubricant would be the answer to my prayers. Instead, it put me in the depths of a hell of my own making.
Mira Gonzalez