'What Happened' Perfectly Illustrates Why Clinton Lost—Just Not on Purpose

In trying to reckon with her loss, Hillary Clinton doubles down on the same hollow rhetoric and questionable politics that contributed to it.
Jamie Peck

American Pop Music Is a Story of Race, Sex, and Power

Ann Powers's new book, 'Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music,' charts the complex relationship between bodies and music, and it manages to do so without descending into objectification.
Judy Berman
actually it's good

This Terrible Nicholas Cage Film Is Only Redeemed by a Gorgeous Hard-Boiled Egg

"Season of the Witch" (2011) is obvious anti-witch propaganda. The only good parts of it are CGI wolves, and one scene in which Nicolas Cage casually peels a hard-boiled egg but doesn't eat it.
Gabby Bess
Callie Beusman
Diana Tourjée

'Laguna Beach' Reboot Is a Boring Mess About Surf Bros Who Lack Chest Hair

Where MTV's original succeeded because of drama between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, "Siesta Key" flounders due to its focus on generic guys in boardshorts.
Mitchell Sunderland

Anonymous 'Incest Diary' Is a Brutally Honest Account of Paternal Rape

From ages 3 to 21, a woman was raped and abused by her father. Her new memoir examines the trauma and its aftermath in unprecedented detail.
Lauren Oyler

Roxane Gay's 'Hunger' Complicates Narratives About Being Fat

The 'Bad Feminist' author's new memoir is about being overweight, and it offers an honest, if unnuanced, attempt to answer a difficult question: How did I become this person?
Erin Vanderhoof

Why Are You People Surprised That Ivanka Trump Sucks?

The "complicit" first daughter's new book, "Women Who Work," is predictably boring, dishonest, and really bad. But it also displays the uncanny valley of Trump's liberal feminism, which is not so different from what's practiced in the mainstream.
Brandy Jensen

'Lady Macbeth' Is a Period Drama About White Women's Rage

Forget what you know about costume dramas—this is a radical reinvention of the genre. Lead actors Florence Pugh and Naomi Ackie explain what makes the incendiary film so unique.
Sophie Wilkinson
love is a hoax

What Sex Guides Say About Our Changing Ideas on Sex

Unlike the sexist, paternalistic, and homophobic tips and tricks of the past, a new crop of inclusive advice books aims to show readers that sex is whatever you want it to be.
Christine Ro

New 'Polish Cannibal Mermaid Musical' Is a Story About Immigration and Girlhood

"The Lure" is a lurid, dazzling retelling of the Little Mermaid fable, set in a strip club and featuring a pair of mermaids with cannibalistic tendencies. We spoke to director Agnieszka Smoczyńska about the film, a "fairy tale for adults" whose glitz...
Judy Berman

Kellyanne Conway's Sort-Of Feminist 2004 Book Takes a Subtle Dig at Trump

Conway’s "What Women Really Want" claims to know the scientific answers to what women crave in their day-to-day lives, delivering results that could be perceived as feminist. What happened?
Mitchell Sunderland

Defining Womanhood Is Almost Impossible, but '20th Century Women' Tries Anyway

Mike Mills's new film has been praised as a rare feminist story from a man's perspective. But while it's a lovely look at a small group of characters, it fails to acknowledge the fact that the 20th century hasn't worked out so well for us.
Lauren Oyler