You Make Me Wanna

I Lusted So Hard Over Leo DiCaprio in 'Romeo + Juliet' That I Became Him

I longed for a hero in a Hawaiian shirt, cigarette-in-mouth, to risk life and limb to swear he'd love me. But in the end, I became my own romantic lead.
Nell Frizzell
My First Time

How I Got Over My Fear of Sexual Intimacy After Being Heartbroken

After my long-term relationship ended, I struggled with the idea of sex, dating, and being intimate with someone new. But a chance encounter with a female bartender changed all of that.
Trisha O'Bannon
Sex machina

Valentine’s Day Is for Masturbating

A petition to rebrand this tedious holiday.
Maria Yagoda

The Secret to Having a Successful Friends-with-Benefits Relationship

A new study on casual sexual relationships examines the factors that can make for a positive or negative experience.
Kimberly Lawson

What It's Like to Be Married to a Psychopath

In her memoir, author Jen Waite recounts her experience discovering her husband's affair and diagnosis as a psychopath. Broadly sat down with the author to learn how to spot red flags.
Emalie Marthe

What Your Favorite Fictional TV Couples Would Be Like in Bed

Is Homer as compatible with Marge as he is with donuts?
Bethy Squires

Bromances Allow Men to Openly Love Each Other, New Study Says

"Masculinity is no longer this debilitating curse that forces men to act in a particularly toxic manner and, as such, guys today are having highly emotional, physically tactile and loving friendships with other men. This can only be a positive."
Kimberly Lawson
science of sex

This Scientist Says Love Potions Could Soon Prevent Breakups

Is there really a way to hack your brain into falling in love? We talk to one scientist who believes that a lab-produced love potion will hit the shelves in 20 years.
Sirin Kale
love is a hoax

Why You Can't Shut Up About Your Crush Even When It's Annoying Everyone You Know

Is there a psychological reason for why you can't help but gush to your friends about your bizarrely successful Tinder date? We investigate.
Amanda Arnold
love is a hoax

Love Is a Hoax

In honor of Valentine's Day, we're spending the week debunking myths and lies about romance.
Lindsay Schrupp

This Hormone Injection Could Make You More Romantic and Horny

A recent study sheds light on how kisspeptin, a naturally occurring reproductive hormone, works to link sexual and emotional brain processing with the part of the brain that regulates the reproduction.
Kimberly Lawson

Can Men And Women Really Be Friends? A Scientific and Cultural Investigation

Disturbed to learn my male friends don't find me sexy, I reached out to an evolutionary psychologist and gender expert to find out whether heterosexual men and women can truly be friends.
Sirin Kale