So Brave!

Brave: Men Exposed by #MeToo Waited 5 Whole Months to Stage Their Comebacks

After being accused of sexual misconduct by 17 women and laying low for less than half a year, Charlie Rose is reportedly ready to step back into the limelight—and he's generously bringing other alleged predators with him.
Sara David
So Brave!

Sean Penn Wrote a Totally Fictional Novel About a Violent Man Who Hates #MeToo

The actor—who allegedly hit his ex-wife Madonna with a baseball bat—is bravely pioneering the otherwise unexplored topic of quirky, violent leading men in his debut book.
Rachel Wenitsky
So Brave!

McDonald's Vows to Pay Living Wage—JK They Turned Their Sign Upside Down

In honor of International Women's Day, they're putting the "W" back in McDonald's...?
Sarah Pappalardo
So Brave!

Pence Bravely Ignores His Own Homophobia to Tweet Support for Gay Olympian

The vice president courageously overcame his anti-LGBT agenda to type a vague message of support to Adam Rippon, a pioneering gay athlete who won an Olympic medal.
Taylor Garron
Eva Victor
So Brave!

So Brave: Sports Illustrated Releases a #MeToo Swimsuit Issue

The magazine's iconic swimsuit issue will finally end the objectification of women with a nude photo shoot where "models were as much participants as objects."
Sara David

So Brave: These Women Have Been Eating Men-Only Chips for Years

As we imagine a world with Lady Doritos, we must give credit to the centuries of women who had no choice but to eat man chips and fight for our rights to a soft potato.
Eva Victor
Taylor Garron
Sarah Pappalardo
Beth Newell

Rejected Show Concepts by the Creators of 'The Young Pope'

From hot babies to talking cigarettes, we imagine the ideas writers vetoed before settling on "The Young Pope."
Monica Heisey

Please Read This Excerpt from My Important Male Sex Novel

A Male Writer shares a few select passages from his upcoming novel, "Boned," which bravely tackles the oft-ignored subject of an older man who wants to have sex with young women.
Monica Heisey

Meet The Desi Artist Who Tackles Skin Bleaching and Soap Operas

Pakistani-Canadian artist Maria Qamar is bringing the colorful idiosyncrasies of the South Asian diaspora onto Instagram and into the mainstream. Aunties better watch out.
Zab Mustefa

It Was All My Idea

I was hesitant to reveal that I was the editor-in-chief of Broadly, but after a few months, I feel it's safe to say I feel like I've walked a mile in your menstrual cups.
Mitchell Sunderland

An Exclusive Tour of 'Neomasculinity' Blogger Roosh V.'s Mom's Basement

Like his movement, this article is a joke.
Broadly Staff