The Challenges of Blocking Self-Harm Imagery on Social Media

A new study examines the roles social platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram can, or should, play in stopping the spread of graphic self-harm imagery.
Steven Blum
mental health

When Suicide Happens at Immigration Detention Centers, Who Is to Blame?

According to a recent report, serious lapses in mental health care at immigration detention centers across the US has led to premature and preventable deaths.
Annamarya Scaccia

The Misogynistic History of Trying to Understand Women Who Self-Harm

For centuries, women and men alike have been engaging in acts of self-harm, but our understanding of the behavior has long been limited by sexist stereotypes.
Rachel Vorona Cote

Trapped Without Hope: The Hidden Mental Health Crisis in Women’s Prisons

From self-harming in groups to starvation and self-immolation, women are overwhelmingly more likely than men to hurt themselves while incarcerated. So why isn't the prison system responding?
Charlotte England
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Why So Many Teen Girls Are Poisoning Themselves

Jessica was 16 when she started deliberately overdosing on painkillers. She's one of a growing number of teenage girls who are using drugs and alcohol to poison themselves as a way of self-harming.
Sirin Kale

Why a 21-Year-Old Refugee Has Just Set Herself on Fire

A young Somali woman is the latest victim of the mental health crisis in Australia's offshore immigration detention centres. Immigration activists say that she isn't the only one.
Sirin Kale
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Filmmaker Ida Storm Wants to Change the Face of Borderline Personality Disorder

Forget Winona in 'Girl, Interrupted'. The young Norwegian spent years recording her own struggle with the illness on video, resulting in the eye-opening documentary 'Being Ida.'
Zing Tsjeng