sex toys

sex toys

This Artist Is Redesigning the Strap-On for Millennials

To create STRAPP, artist and sex educator Shawné Michaelain Holloway asked a diverse range of strap-on users how she could improve an old classic.
Sarah Burke

The 10 Best Sex Toys to Give (or Receive) as Gifts

Kinky sex is the gift that keeps on giving.
Penda N'Diaye
My First Time

I Built a Sex-Positive Dildo Empire. Here's What I Learned

Zoë Ligon is the founder of Detroit sex toy emporium Spectrum Boutique. She shares the lessons she's learned during her time in the industry—and why you can never use too much lube.
Zoe Ligon
Sex machina

I Tried the Royal Wedding Themed Sex Toys Because I’m Subversive

Congrats, Meghan and Harry.
Maria Yagoda

What It's Like to Ride a $2,000 Vibrating 'Sex Machine'

As sex tech becomes teenier and teenier, I wonder: Is bigger actually better?
Maria Yagoda
science of sex

What Happened When I Tried to Electro-Shock Myself to Orgasm

What if you could have sex that's literally electric? I tried out some of the top electro-sex toys on the market, to find out if currents really can help you come.
S. Nicole Lane

Amber Rose's Guide to Getting Off

The sex positive icon gives pro tips on self pleasure and opens up about why she started her own line of sex toys.
Linda Yang

What the Failures of a Feminist Bookstore Can Teach Us About Intersectionality

Brooklyn's now defunct Troll Hole was a zine and sex shop located in the corner of a busy laundromat. But it rarely attracted the women washing their clothes on the other side of its glittery, purple curtain.
Gabrielle Bruney
Sex machina

I Tried Vagina 'Weight-Lifting' to Work Out and Orgasm at the Same Time

While I was skeptical that vagina vibrating Kegel balls would enhance my orgasms, I wondered if sprucing up my vagina could spruce up my life.
Maria Yagoda

This Man’s Official Job Title Is Vaginal Happiness Manager

“I’m just a normal guy."
Maria Yagoda

How Sex Toys Revolutionized the Way We View Women's Pleasure

We spoke with sex historian Hallie Lieberman on the rise of sex toys, the "orgasm gap," and the narrative that Victorian doctors invented vibrators to treat hysteria.
Allee Manning
Sex machina

The 'Broad City' Sex Toys Are Finally Here—So I Tried Them All

Here's how I felt about every toy I tested on "nature's pocket," from “The Vulvarine” to “Ass of an Angel."
Maria Yagoda