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I Tie People in Knots For Erotic Theater

Gestalta is a performance artist specializing in shibari, the Japanese art of erotic rope-tying. She explains why shibari is all about the power exchange between rigger and model.
8 hours ago

How Evangelical Purity Culture Can Lead to a Lifetime of Sexual Shame

Former born-again Christian Linda Kay Klein combines personal reflections with years of research to trace the psychological effects of purity culture on women in her new memoir, "Pure."
Stephanie Dubick
2 days ago
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'Super Mario Bros.' Made Me Horny for a Plumber and a Lizard King

The faces of good and evil in "Super Mario Bros." provided potent fuel for my dueling desires for a reliable hero, and a freaky sleazeball with an appealing tongue.
Amy Roberts
My First Time

How I Seek Out Intimacy as an Asexual Person

As a queer, asexual person I often felt like an outsider growing up. But now I've found my community of people like me, in a society that seems to revolve around sex.

5 People Share the Sexual Experiences that Changed How They Think of Consent

Amber Rose, Buck Angel, John Paul Brammer, Penda N’diaye, and June Amelia Rose discuss encounters that informed how they approach giving affirmative sexual consent on an individual level.
Amy Rose Spiegel
How to Behave

Barbie Ferreira Learns How to Talk Dirty

In this episode of "How to Behave," Barbie consults a dirty talk instructor and a women's sexual health expert to learn how to talk about sex.
Broadly Staff
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As A Porn Director, I Find the Beauty in the Gross Parts of Sex

Porn performer and director Vex Ashley of Four Chambers makes high-concept, artistic adult films. In doing so, she's learned the importance of staying true to her creative vision—and always being the first person to get naked on set.
Vex Ashley
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Carmen and Shane Showed Me How Hot It Is to Be Gay

"The L Word" defined a generation of queer women's sexual awakenings, including mine.
S. Nicole Lane
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I'm the 'Unicorn' in a Three-Person Relationship

For Nicole Everett, being in a throuple with married couple Cathy and Thomas helps her feel loved, secure, and fulfilled.
Nicole Everett
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Christian Bale in 'Little Women' Taught Me It's Hot to Be Smart

Watching Christian Bale and Winona Ryder's on-screen sparring in the 1994 adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic book, I learned that a true partner won't shame you for having a brain, but love you for it.
Melissa Batchelor Warnke

What It's Like to Get a UTI Every Time You Have Sex

I’ve rushed to the emergency room at four in the morning; missed out on days of pay while on the floor in agony, and had to suffer the indignity of explaining to housemates why I was stuck in the bathroom all evening.
Kara Godfrey
VICE Guide to Life

How to Get Birth Control Without Telling Your Parents

If you're having sex, you should be using contraception. Here's how to get it, even if your guardians won't help you.
Kimberly Lawson