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Planned Parenthood

How Sexual Assault Affects Survivors Daily

In collaboration with Planned Parenthood, Alexa Lim Haas's short film "Everyday I," which premieres today on Broadly, shows how sexual assault and harassment can impact our everyday lives.
Leila Ettachfini
VICE Guide to Life

How to Rescue a Friend From a Creeper

Because sometimes horrible people just can't take a hint.
Angela Hui
sexual misconduct

Abuse of Power Can Happen at Any Age

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said because Monica Lewinsky "was an adult," Bill Clinton did not abuse his power over her. Experts say that abuses of power can happen at any age.
Leila Ettachfini
sexual harassment

McDonald's Workers Strike Across the Country to Protest Sexual Harassment

McDonald's workers in 10 cities walked out of work on Tuesday, calling on the fast-food franchise to take workplace harassment more seriously.
Marie Solis
Midterm Elections

Rashida Tlaib Will Likely Be the First Muslim Congresswoman

After winning her primary in Michigan, progressive candidate Rashida Tlaib got one step closer to becoming the first Muslim and first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress
Marie Solis

Everything We Know About the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Les Moonves

Six women have accused CBS executive Les Moonves of misconduct including harassment, forcible kissing and retaliation in allegations spanning two decades.
Marie Solis

As a Teen, I Was Haunted by the Sexual Persona I Created to Protect Myself

The person I created on the internet shielded me from the slut-shaming I endured at the hands of high school bullies. Rather than let their words break me, I molded my online image to embody sexuality.
Eda Yu
sexual harassment

Your Contract at Work Might Prevent You from Suing Over Sexual Harassment

Over 60 million Americans have signed contracts with mandatory arbitration clauses, which prevent them from suing their employers over illegal treatment—many without realizing.
Sejal Singh

These 9 Politicians Have Resigned for Sexual Misconduct in the Wake of #MeToo

Eric Schneiderman isn't nearly the first.
Leila Ettachfini
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Amanda Knox: What I Learned Meeting Other Women Villainized by the Media

In filming "The Scarlet Letter Reports," I met with women who, like me, have faced vitriolic harassment by the media and the public—and learned so much from their strength and resilience in the face of these attacks.
Amanda Knox

The Women in Hollywood Ready to Take Abuse to the Supreme Court

Industry insiders want to use the Civil Rights Act to stop sexual harassment and tackle discrimination against women. Director Maria Giese explains how it would work.
Leila Hawkins

When Discussing Sex Discrimination, Don't Forget Pregnant Women

In the UK alone, up to 54,000 women lost their jobs in 2017 as a result of maternity discrimination. Why are workplaces failing new mothers?
Bridie Witton