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Not So Fast: Women Who Have Premature Orgasms Explain How They Deal

Premature orgasm doesn't only affect men. Here's how women who come early found help through masturbation, edging, and being open with their partners.
Suzannah Weiss
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Teens Can Now Text This Bot to Answer Their Awkward Sex Questions

Planned Parenthood's new AI chatbot named Roo is ready to answer young people's burning questions about masturbation, STI's, reproductive health, and more.
Leila Ettachfini
How to Behave

Barbie Ferreira Learns How to Talk Dirty

In this episode of "How to Behave," Barbie consults a dirty talk instructor and a women's sexual health expert to learn how to talk about sex.
Broadly Staff
Sex Ed

What 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Wishes He Learned in Sex Ed

The Fab Five member opens up about his first intimate experiences and the kinds of sexual misconceptions he's been working to unlearn.
Broadly Staff
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There's No Wrong Way to Use a Vibrator, Researchers Say

Finally, a cool study.
Kimberly Lawson
Unscrewing Ourselves

Should You Sue Your Partner For Giving You Herpes?

People have successfully sued their ex-partners for infecting them with the virus. But is it a useful way of holding irresponsible sexual behavior to account—or does it stigmatize STD sufferers?
Sirin Kale

After Losing Her Family to AIDS, This Woman Built an App to Save Lives

When Ruth Nabembezi's sister and parents died in her teens, the 22-year-old Ugandan created Ask Without Shame, an online platform for young people to get the sexual health information they need.
Alice McCool
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In 13 States, Parents Can Force Teen Moms to Give Birth Without an Epidural

Across the country, minors are required to get parental consent for "non-emergency" medical care. But when there's no exception for pregnancy, teenagers suffer for it.
Gabby Bess
Unscrewing Ourselves

Sex Ed Is a Basic Human Right We Deny to Teens Every Day

"If the doctor knows you're sick, he's supposed to tell you. That's a fundamental principle of medical ethics, and countries and government programs also have obligations to provide correct and complete information."
Kimberly Lawson

Cool Study Examines the Nuanced Ways Women Orgasm

According to a new study, while everyone experiences sexual pleasure differently, there are a few techniques that work for a majority of women.
Kimberly Lawson
Sex machina

Why Are All These Adults Not Wearing Condoms??? An Investigation

According to a recent study, most people forego protection during casual sex even though they know they probably shouldn't.
Maria Yagoda

Oral Sex and the Alarming Rise of HPV-Related Throat Cancer in Men

By 2020, the rates of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer are expected to surpass those of cervical cancer. So why aren't young men getting vaccinated?
Kimberly Lawson