sexual violence

sexual violence

'Incomprehensible': Elizabeth Smart Reacts to Her Kidnapper's Early Release from Prison

When Elizabeth Smart was 14, Wanda Barzee helped her ex-husband rape and abuse her for nine months. Now, after serving 15 years in jail, Barzee is set to be released next week.
Sirin Kale

Police Force Apologizes for Tweet Instructing Women How to Avoid Rape

In a now-deleted tweet, Britain's Merseyside Police appeared to suggest that the burden for preventing rape lay with women and bystanders—not sexual abusers. But victim-blaming safety advice is by no means a new phenomenon.
Sirin Kale

Activists Fight for Appeal for Girl Raped By Brother Then Jailed for Abortion

Sexual assault experts are afraid that the case will set a dangerous new precedent for rape survivors in Indonesia.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

The Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner Has Been Removed From Office

Santa Clara County voters cast their ballots in favor of recalling Aaron Persky, the Californian judge who sentenced Brock Turner to six months in jail.
Sirin Kale
sexual assault

103 Uber Drivers in 20 US Cities Accused of Sexual Assault and Abuse

The tech giant has been plagued by criticism that it puts passengers at risk of sexual violence. Now a new investigation reveals the scale of the problem.
Sirin Kale

Trolls Are Illegally Posting Rape Survivors' Names on Twitter

Victims in sexual offense cases are guaranteed lifelong anonymity in the UK, but an investigation has found hundreds of posts on the social network identifying survivors.
Sirin Kale
sexual assault

Man with 19 Accusers Declares April Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Here are a few of the ways the Trump administration has rolled back protections for sexual assault survivors and worked to silence the voices of women who have come forward to report abuse.
Kimberly Lawson

How I Learned To Enjoy Sex Again After Being Raped

It took years for feminist activist Sophie Lu to realize she was raped—and even longer to process how it affected her sex life going forward.
Sophie Lu

Woman Raped With Tree Branch Dies Two Years Later of Internal Injuries

Russian cosmetics representative Anna Barmina took almost a year to regain consciousness after being attacked by a serial rapist. She was so traumatized that she never spoke again.
Sirin Kale
You Know Who Rules?

The Author of the 'Stealthing' Study on Changing How We Talk About Rape

Alexandra Brodsky, author of the study that looked into the trend of nonconsensual condom removal during sex, talks to Broadly about her research's impact.
Linda Yang
sexual violence

A Swedish Man Was Just Convicted for the 'Online' Rape of 27 Young Teens

The unprecedented conviction puts a spotlight on sextortion, an under-studied but quickly growing form of sexual violence that involves forcing individuals to perform sexual acts on themselves over the internet.
Kimberly Lawson

Outrage in Spain as Country Awaits the 'Wolf Pack' Gang Rape Case Verdict

Five men are accused of raping an 18-year-old girl in 2016. As their trial comes to a close, Spanish feminists are outraged over the way the alleged victim has been treated, both in the media and in court.
Sirin Kale