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Meet the Young Woman Who Uses Skateboarding to Spread Positivity

In this episode of Boardly, we hang out with Christiana Smith at Modern Skate Park in her hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan.
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Boardly - Created with Vans

The Woman Who Uses Skateboarding to Build Friendships

On this episode of Boardly, we skate through the Lower East Side into Bushwick with Briana King and her best friends Danielle and Yasmeen.
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Learning to Skateboard When You're an Adult Is Extremely Embarrassing

As part of my quarter-life crisis, I decided to become an extremely chill skateboarder in a bucket hat. Unfortunately, skating is very hard—and skate parks are filled with terrifying teens.
Gabby Bess

People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Teenage Phases

Weird how none of these happened to any of us.
Linda Yang

'We Can Rip Just as Hard': Photos of Young Skater Girls Doing Their Thing

Fifty little ladies, united by their love of shredding.
Angela Skujins

World Renowned Pro Skateboarder Candy Jacobs on the Future of Women in Skating

"I honestly believe that most companies think women's skateboarding isn't interesting enough, even though that's definitely not true."
Lisa Ludwig

This Pro Skateboarder Wants the Skate Industry's Views on Women to 180

Fresh from her appearance in the first ever women's Street League competition, Californian skateboarder Lacey Baker is calling bullshit on the double standards of the sport.
Hannah Bailey

The 14-Year-Old Competing in the First Women's Street Skating World Championship

Alana Smith was the first woman to land a 540 McTwist and the youngest athlete to win a medal at X Games. Now for the first time ever, Street League Skateboarding will include a women's division. Obviously, Smith will be there.
Gabby Bess