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In Defense of Cancel Culture

“Cancellation isn't personal. It’s a way for marginalized communities to publicly assert their value systems through pop culture.”
Shamira Ibrahim
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What Happens When You Get Scammed By an Influencer

Former fans of Caroline Calloway, Flat Tummy Tea endorsers, and other influencers tell us what it's like to feel scammed by Instagram #aesthetics.
Amelia Tait

The Dark Reality of Being a Brand Influencer

Aspirational content, akin to thousand-dollar "Vogue" spreads or "Travel & Leisure" editorials, bank on creating a sense of fantasy—however the actual return is low for most users.
Shamira Ibrahim
Browsing Black History

What The Natural Hair Movement Looked Like Before Influencers

In the 2000s, early message boards served as platforms for Black women to create a community around their natural hair—and life experiences.
Starrene Rhett Rocque
Social Media

How to Stop Obsessing Over What Your Ex Is Up to Now

You can block them, delete Instagram, or chuck your phone out the window, but nothing is more effective than simply not caring anymore.
Leila Ettachfini
Love Bites

The Post-Breakup Guide To Social Media

When to block, when to mute, and when to post a thirst trap.
Anna Pulley
extremely online

How the Internet Became a Playground for Exploiting Black Creators

Fortnite, owned by Epic Games, is currently in litigation with Black creators over the use of their dance moves. But the video game company is not the first to mine Black digital ingenuity for profit.
Shamira Ibrahim
Browsing Black History

Why White Allyship Isn't Enough

Feminista Jones' new book "Reclaiming Our Space" delves into modern Mammys, Twitter trolls, and the difference between white allyship and advocacy.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

This Wrestler Is Exposing the Disgusting DMs She Gets From Fans

In the two-volume series "DMs of a Female Indy Wrestler," Jordynne Grace has been publishing the gross online messages she gets from men. The books are some of the most public accounts of harassment that women wrestlers face.
Moe Thet War

A Selfie Helped Police Solve a Years-Old Murder Case

Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, was sentenced to seven years in jail for strangling her best friend after police noticed the murder weapon in a Facebook photo.
Zing Tsjeng
Criminal Justice

Cyntoia Brown's Clemency Gives Hope to Other Trafficking Survivors

After being incarcerated for 15 years, a trafficking victim who received a life sentence after killing the man who paid her for sex as a teenager was granted clemency. We spoke with trafficking activists on what this case means for other survivors.
Kimberly Lawson
End of Year

Yos Kween: 9 Moments That Shook 2018

Beyoncé shut down Coachella. Ariana Grande's music video broke records! This year was filled with astounding moments—here are the ones that kept us going.
Wanna Thompson