This Woman Just Figured Out How to Control Sperm with Her Brain

Transdisciplinary artist Ani Liu spoke to us about her project as commentary on the state of reproductive rights today.
Tiffany Hu

Men Don't Know How Things Like Cell Phones Affect Their Fertility

Is that a cell phone is your pocket or are you just wasting away your fertility with every push notification? According to a new study, most men don't know which factors put their reproductive future at risk.
Kimberly Lawson

Investigating the Middle School Rumor that Mountain Dew Lowers Your Sperm Count

One of the greatest rumors in middle school was that the yellow dye in Mountain Dew killed off your sperm. Naturally, it became a much beloved contraceptive choice for countless teens. Was there any truth to the rumor?
Marla Bahloul

An Abortion, a Custody Fight, a Legal Storm: Inside a Surrogacy Gone Haywire

Melissa Cook, a surrogate, is pregnant with triplets. Their intended father and sperm donor wanted her to get an abortion. She refused now and she wants custody. Cook has filed a federal lawsuit that could change surrogacy laws for better or worse.
Cole Kazdin

Why Is Sperm So Damn Expensive?

With women wanting the highest quality sperm possible—college educated sperm that is free of disease and physical abnormalities—the amount of labor that's involved in obtaining this pristine goo drives sperm prices sky high.
Brittany Malooly

Women Are Now Pillaging Sperm Banks for Viking Babies

The global sperm donation industry is booming, and it all leads back to one country: Denmark.
Sirin Kale