Womens History Month

The WNBA Icon Who Should Have Changed the Endorsement Deal Game

WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes made history in 1995 and became the first woman with her own signature sneaker—a milestone very few women athletes would meet.
Bianca Betancourt

The Runner Who Hid Her Gender to Be the First Woman in the Boston Marathon

When 20-year-old Kathrine Switzer bucked the Boston Marathon's rules in order to compete, a man tried to physically remove her from the race.
Bianca Betancourt

This Wrestler Is Exposing the Disgusting DMs She Gets From Fans

In the two-volume series "DMs of a Female Indy Wrestler," Jordynne Grace has been publishing the gross online messages she gets from men. The books are some of the most public accounts of harassment that women wrestlers face.
Moe Thet War
The Scarlet Letter Reports

'We're Disposable': Former NFL Cheerleader Bailey Davis Speaks Out

In this episode of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Bailey Davis, who began to fight back against gender discrimination after being terminated for a "dirty" Instagram post.
Diana Tourjée

Simone Biles Shines During Competition Despite Kidney Stone

The reigning Olympic champion secured the highest individual scores in four categories and helped progress her team to the finals, despite suffering from a painful kidney stone the day before.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Evocative Paintings of an All-Black Swim Team of Senior Citizens

Nigeria-based artist Modupeola Fadugba worked with swimmers from the Harlem Honeys and Bears to create work exploring the political history of "Black swimming bodies."
Zing Tsjeng

Serena Williams' Outfits Are Not the Issue for Tennis—It's Her Blackness

Serena Williams has spent her career dominating professional tennis, but also navigating the intrinsic racism of having a Black body in a traditionally white space.
Victoria Uwumarogie

Men Keep Kissing and Groping Female Reporters at the World Cup on Live TV

As many sports journalists are finding out in Russia, there's a decidedly ugly side to reporting on the beautiful game.
Sirin Kale

What It's Like Raising a Gay Pride Banner at the Russian World Cup

Di Cunningham, the co-founder of a UK group for LGBTQ soccer fans, hopes to raise her Three Lions Pride banner at every England match in the notoriously homophobic country.
Zing Tsjeng

The Women Surfers Saying Men Don't Get to Rule the Waves

“It’s really hard to imagine that you can be a surfer, unless you are in a community where it is expected and encouraged for girls to be surfers."
Clara Hernanz
sexual assault

The 156 Victims Who Spoke Out About Abuse Spurred Lawmakers to Protect Future Athletes

The new legislation, which gained momentum following Larry Nassar's trial, requires officials to report suspected sexual abuse within 24 hours.
Kimberly Lawson

After Timberlake Super Bowl Announcement, Internet Calls for 'Justice for Janet'

The NFL announced on Sunday that Justin Timberlake will perform during the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. Since then, some fans argue that the fallout from the infamous 2004 nip slip continues to be unfairly biased toward Janet Jackson.
Kimberly Lawson