Trying to Escape Our Hellish Reality with Motherwort, a Very Chill Herb

It's hard to ignore the fact that everything is awful. Recently, though, a group of witches told me about an herb that would make me feel like I'm "being embraced by Mother Earth."
Callie Beusman

A Look Inside 'Rage Rooms,' Where You De-Stress by Smashing Things

As we hurtle towards the impending apocalypse, "rage rooms," which give customers a weapon, a pile of destructible objects, and a time limit, are becoming a global phenomenon.
Anna-Cat Brigida

How to Evade Insanity's Grasp During the Last Day of This Hellish Election

Now that we've reached the last excruciating hours of an extremely painful election cycle, we asked wellness coaches how to not lose our minds.
Kimberly Lawson

Therapists Explain How to Cope with the Stress of This Hellish Election

A recent survey by the APA found that over half of American adults find the election to be a significant source of stress. We asked therapists what we can do to manage our stress, apart from digging a hole and hibernating until mid-November.
Candace Bryan
energy insecurity

The Cost of High Utility Bills Is Mental Health

A new study on energy insecurity looks at the impact of utility bills on low income families' mental and emotional health.
Diana Tourjée

You Only Sabotage Yourself When You're at Your Peak, Study Finds

Setting yourself up for failure takes a lot of mental resources, new research shows.
Diana Tourjée
mental health

Your Work Emails Are Ruining Your Life

In a new study, researchers say that it is not the amount of time spent on work emails, but the agonizing anticipation of always being "on call" that leads to employee exhaustion.
Leah Carroll