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Screaming to Pop Music on Drives Saves Me From the Hell That Is My Mind

All I need is Dua Lipa, my car, and maybe a vape, and I can pull myself out of a spiral over a girl not texting me back.
Jill Gutowitz

Taylor Swift Used Facial Recognition Technology to Screen Concert for Stalkers

Fans at Swift's Rose Bowl show in California were secretly surveilled using state-of-the-art software installed in a kiosk behind video screens of Swift rehearsing.
Sirin Kale

Taylor Swift's Silence Was Her First Real Political Statement

After years of silence on politics, Taylor Swift endorsed two Democrat candidates in Tennessee, Phil Bredesen and Rep. Jim Cooper, to her 112 million followers on Instagram.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
sexual assault

Taylor Swift Opens Up to Fans About Her 'Really Horrible' Sexual Assault Trial

On the one-year anniversary of her trial, Taylor Swift recalled her experiencing defending herself in court as a victim of sexual assault.
Marie Solis

How I Discovered a Secret Collection of Transgender Pop Hits

When I listened to translowmo, I didn't hear the modulated voices of Christina or Miley. Instead, I let myself hear new voices—different, but no less authentic.
Diana Tourjée
sexual assault

DJ Who Assaulted Taylor Swift Says She 'Ruined' His Life

Former DJ David Mueller says that he's avoided women ever since he was found guilty of assaulting Swift at a meet and greet, and that his "life is totally screwed up."
Leila Ettachfini

Why People Treat Taylor Swift's Albums Like They're the Damn 'Da Vinci Code'

Since the pop star released her new single, which very obviously references a series of public feuds she's recently been embroiled in, her fans have been obsessively searching for subtext that probably isn't there.
Lauren Oyler

Taylor Swift Refuses to Back Down in Testimony Against Alleged Groper

"I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is any way my fault because it isn’t."
Leila Ettachfini

Taylor Swift's Sexual Assault Trial Begins Today

The singer, who has accused Colorado radio host David Mueller of inappropriately groping her during a photo opp, is expected to testify.
Linda Yang

Why the Hell Does Taylor Swift Have to Go to Jury Duty?

On the heels of the VMAs, Taylor Swift was spotted reporting for jury duty. Apparently, famous people have a civic duty as well, even if that encourages many more courthouse selfies than usual.
Candace Bryan

A Psychologist Explains Why We're So Obsessed with the Kim, Kanye, Taylor Feud

Admit it: you know don't know why you know about it, but you care.
Darlena Cunha
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Kim and Kanye May Have Illegally Recorded Taylor Swift’s Phone Call

According to a privacy lawyer, Kimye could potentially face legal sanction if they recorded that phone call without Taylor Swift's knowledge.
Leah Carroll