A Bot Wrote These Nonsensical Yet Extremely On Point Headlines

"The Point in Your Butt," and other Broadly stories that should exist!
Leila Ettachfini
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Searching for Traces of My Late Father Online

My father was murdered years before the Internet existed as we know it. But I still search for traces of him there.
Gabrielle Birkner
The Privacy and Perception Issue

The Stages of My Life in Usernames

"Who knows what people are doing in real life so long as they present their purest front online? What is the opposite of catfishing?"
Aditi Natasha Kini
sex education

Sex Ed Vloggers Say YouTube Is Censoring Their Videos

For many young people, YouTube is a valuable source of sex education—but some content creators are accusing the company of "shadow-banning" them and limiting the visibility of their content.
Sirin Kale

'A Twisted Comparison Game': How Fitness Apps Exacerbate Eating Disorders

Apps like step trackers and calorie counters are meant to help users stay healthy. But for those who suffer from eating disorders, these technologies are ripe for misuse.
Lauren Sharkey

Probing Our Fetish for Digital Devices

In her latest solo show, artist Faith Holland wants you to consider how you finger your phone when scrolling, the way your MacBook heats your crotch, and the flirtatious smile you give your screen when texting your crush.
Sarah Burke

How Arbitration Clauses Silence Women Speaking Out About Harassment

Therese Lawless has filed lawsuits against Silicon Valley’s most powerful companies, often for gender discrimination. But a growing trend of arbitration clauses in contracts is effectively silencing many of the women she represents.
Laura Rena Murray

Future 'Digisexuals' Will Face Discrimination for Fucking Robots, Professors Warn

Broadly spoke with the two authors of a new report on "digisexualities" about how technology can impact sexual identity—and why individuals with technologically-based sexual identities may face prejudice in the future.
Kimberly Lawson
Unscrewing Ourselves

This App Lets Teens Learn About Sex Through Text Messages

In 2016, three women decided to transform sex education for teens through technology. Together, they created Real Talk.
Kimberly Lawson

Several Women in This Rural Town Say They Were Stalked by Drones

Reports from Southern Australia detail a terrifying scenario with little recourse.
Diana Tourjée

The Complicated Promise Of Anti-Rape Technologies

Wearable panic buttons, rape reporting software, and condoms with built-in teeth are all technologies marketed to women to help prevent sexual assault. But do they offer real safety or just the feeling of it?
Sirin Kale

Women of Color Are Using VR to Imagine a More Inclusive World

Increasingly, virtual reality is being used as a therapeutic tool. The women behind NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism want to use it to center black women's experiences—and imagine a better future.
Princess Ojiaku