Behind the Scenes of Queer, Latina Remake of 'One Day at a Time'

Television writer Michelle Badillo discusses how her own experiences influenced her work on the new Netflix series.
Finster Tierney
Private Eyes

Music Supervisor Brienne Rose on How to Choose the Perfect Music for TV

Brienne Rose is one of the hottest up-and-coming music supervisors in Hollywood today. We caught up with Rose to talk to her about the value of music in film and television, what bands excite her most right now, and how it feels to score an iconic TV...
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

I Spent a Weekend in Stars Hollow with Thousands of Obsessive Gilmore Girls Fans

Washington, Connecticut is known for being the inspiration for Stars Hollow, the idyllic town in which "Gilmore Girls" is set. I made a pilgrimage there—along with 1500 other people—to honor our impossibly chipper, coffee-swilling TV gods.
Molly Oswaks

Have You Ever, Ever Felt Like This? The Oral History of 'Round The Twist'

We asked Paul Jennings why he made strange things happen.
Aimee Knight

How the Star of ‘Halloweentown’ Built an Etsy Halloween Empire

Child actress Kimberly J. Brown has used her most famous role to create a second career as a Halloween expert.
Emalie Marthe

A Robot Expert Explains What Society Can Learn from ‘Westworld'

We ask a leading AI researcher if the HBO fantasy could ever happen in the future—and what it can teach us about the present day.
Sirin Kale

How a Humble Soap Opera Could Help Stop Female Genital Mutilation

FGM is widespread and well-known, but attempts to curb the practice have been largely ineffective. A novel new approach is looking to change that.
Elizabeth Beattie

My Immortal: The Eternal Life of 'Friday Night Lights'

Despite being about high school football, "Friday Night Lights" somehow garnered a cult following across social spheres. On the tenth anniversary of the series, we explore FNL's obsessive fans and the emo universe of the Dillon Panthers.
Diana Tourjée

Kim Zolciak Still Has No Patience for People Who Are Tardy for the Party

The star of "Don't Be Tardy," and former Real Housewife of Atlanta, opens up about her stroke, the demands of being a reality star and mother, and what it was like being the only white woman on "Real Housewives of Atlanta."
Mitchell Sunderland

'The Pain Was So Deep': OITNB Star Diane Guerrero on Her Family's Deportation

In her new memoir, "In the Country We Love," actress Diane Guerrero depicts the impact of a family torn apart by US immigration policy.
Marla Bahloul

‘Friends’ Lied: Why You Should Never Pee on a Jellyfish Sting

According to experts, there are two substances you should apply to a jellyfish sting. Human urine is not one of them.
Bethy Squires

The Woman Who Made Cannibalism Look Delicious

Artist Janice Poon was the lead food stylist on the cult-hit 'Hannibal'. Poon made even the most grisly murder look mouth-watering. Now she's taking her creativity to the kitchen with a new cook book for cannibals (sort of).
Carli Velocci