This Trans Runway Star Is the Role Model She Never Had

In 2014, Sarina Thai became the first trans model from Thailand to walk in New York Fashion Week. In the years since, she's used her fame to fight against harmful stereotypes about the trans community both at home and abroad.
Leila Ettachfini

Women Around the World Explain Why They're Striking

This year, International Women's Day will be celebrated with a mass global strike designed to advance "feminism for the 99 percent." We spoke to organizers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia about what the collective resistance movement means...
Linda Yang

Glorious Photos of Thailand's Giant Penis Shrine to a Female Fertility Spirit

Women visit the shrine dedicated to Chao Mae Tubtim, a female fertility spirit, to gain help conceiving children.
Amy Lombard

'The Buddha Said All Were Equal': Thailand's Female Monks Fight for Recognition

Thailand's conservative Buddhist clergy refuses to acknowledge women who want to become monks. But that hasn't deterred an increasing number of female monks who are striking out on their own.
Charlotte England

I Got My Boobs Slapped by the World Famous Madam Boob Slapper

Madam Boob Slapper is one of the most sought after beauty professionals in Thailand. Her wallops and slaps are thought to enhance blood flow and buoyancy to your face and breasts, so we had to try it.
Pip Usher

'Their Life Has So Much Suffering': Meet Thailand's Elephant Whisperer

As the founder of Elephant Nature Park, Sangduen “Lek” Chailert provides refuge for distressed elephants that have suffered at the hands of humans. We recently visited Chailert and her peaceful elephants—and have the photos to prove it.
Pip Usher

Inside the Bangkok Museum Challenging Sex Work Stereotypes

On a recent visit to Chantawipa Apisuk's appointment-only museum in Bangkok, we learned how the activist has been battling stereotypes about the world's oldest profession for over 30 years.
Pip Usher

Welcome to the Dollhouse: Inside Thailand's Craze for Dolls with Human Souls

In Thailand, a new supernatural craze has taken over: "Look Thep" dolls, which are believed to contain human spirits. We set out to learn about the haunted playthings and meet their maker, a woman named Mama Ning.
Pip Usher
sex work

The Thai Women Behind the First Bar Run Entirely by a Sex Workers' Collective

Can Do in northern Thailand is probably the first—and only—completely sex worker-owned bar in the world.
Charlotte England