the 70s


How the Combative Beginning of Women's Studies Shaped Feminist In-Fighting Today

At the West Coast Women's Studies Conference of 1973, scholars in the new academic discipline gathered to discuss sisterhood, survival tactics, and how the conference organizers had marginalized basically everyone. The atmosphere was tense and chaotic...
Erin Vanderhoof

The Lasting Impact of 'Sexy Nurse' Exploitation Films

In 1970, Stephanie Rothman directed an "exploitation" film for the notorious low-budget producer Roger Corman. The result, "The Student Nurses," subverted the genre with a feminist message and went on to become a cult hit—but Rothman's career never...
Craig Hubert
you know who sucked

Lou Reed Was a Jealous, Misogynistic 'Prick' Who Acted Obnoxious to Sell Records

We talked to the author of a new biography, "Notes from the Velvet Underground," about how we're all "beginning to see the light" on the beloved proto-punk provocateur's personality.
Lauren Oyler

Getting Up Close and Personal with Porn-Inspired Paintings

Decades after they were first censored in the 1970s, Betty Tompkins' photorealistic paintings of sex and genitalia are getting a digital reboot in her solo show, "Real Ersatz."
Lauren Oyler

Eileen Myles Has Always Been Cooler Than You

To mark the publication of the writer's new collection of poems, "I Must Be Living Twice," we spoke to Eileen Myles about her decades-long journey from cult writer to feminist icon, sexism in publishing, and when she became cool.
Gabby Bess