The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Why Won't 'The Bachelor' Own Up to the Fact that Arie Sucks?

Arie Luyenduk Jr., a "former race car driver" no one wanted as the Bachelor, bored us all season long. And then he acted like a total dirtbag. Somehow, the show's producers still believed they could redeem him in the audience's eyes.
Laura Dorwart

DeMario Jackson Reportedly Invited Back to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of "Bachelor in Paradise" halted the show's production for an investigation. Now, it's been announced that the show will resume filming—and a contestant embroiled in the controversy has been invited back.
Linda Yang

'Bachelor in Paradise' Will Resume Filming After Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Warner Brothers announced that an internal investigation found no evidence of misconduct, and "Bachelor in Paradise" is still set to premiere this summer.
Linda Yang

Are the New 'Bachelorette' Contestants OK?

Are they searching for love... or death?
Gabby Bess
reality tv

Using Data to Predict This Season's Winner of 'The Bachelor'

A simple Excel spreadsheet revealed more secrets about “The Bachelor” to me than Chris Harrison ever could.
Lindsay Schrupp
reality tv

Exclusive: The Chicken Enthusiast from 'The Bachelor' Opens Up

Although she was eliminated in the first episode of this season of "The Bachelor," "Chicken Enthusiast" Tiara Soleim lives on in the public consciousness as a fan favorite. We spoke to her about Ben Higgins, her experience on the show, and, of course...
Julia Tausch