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'Views Are My Own': What Happens When You Shit Talk Your Employer Online

Chipotle was recently ordered to stop firing workers for venting about poor work conditions on Twitter, but companies can technically still terminate employees for speaking out.
Gabby Bess

Man Charged with Incest After Sexually Assaulting Trans Stepdaughter for Years

An Australian man has been charged with incest after sexually abusing his transgender stepdaughter since 2002. We spoke with a trans rights organization and the Human Rights Campaign to understand the heightened risks facing trans youth.
Diana Tourjée

The Twisted Case of a Dean Who Hid His Role in Killing of Student's Mother

After Megan Mengelt's mother was killed by a drunk driver, she sought counseling at her school—not realizing that her counselor was in contact with the man who took her mother's life.
Molly Oswaks

Police Confirm Ian Connor Is Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

Last week Ian Connor, a rising fashion and media star, brushed off rape accusations, claiming that his accuser was only coming forward because of his newfound fame. Documents obtained by Broadly show otherwise.
Emma Bracy

Judge Asked Alleged Rape Victim Why She Couldn't Just Keep Her Knees Together

Last year, Canadian federal justice Robin Camp "demonstrated absolute disregard and disdain" for a 19-year-old homeless woman who reported she had been sexually assaulted. Now, he's under review.
Sophie Saint Thomas

Helping Rape Victims Get Justice, When All the Odds Are Stacked Against Them

In 34 states and Washington, DC, statutes of limitations on filing rape or sexual assault charges prevent victims from reporting their attackers after a certain number of years have passed. We talked to the women fighting these sexist, arbitrary, and...
Steven Blum

Woman Imprisoned for Having a Miscarriage as a Teen Now Begging for Action

We talked to Cristina Quintanilla, a Salvadoran woman who was imprisoned for having a miscarriage, about why the country needs to change its draconian abortion ban.
Lindsay Schrupp

Biased Policy Might Be Putting Domestic Violence Victims in Jail

We spoke to an expert to find out why female arrests have gone up dramatically over the last 20 years. It's not just because women are committing more crimes.
Gabby Bess

Even the Pope Can't Stop Georgia from Executing People

Pope Francis asked the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to spare Kelly Gissendaner's life, but the state executed her anyway.
Diana Tourjée
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The History of Toplessness

How toplessness became a bottomless controversy.
Lauren Oyler
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A Woman's Touch: When Pedophiles Aren't Men

Women can and do commit the same sexual abuse as men. Why are their crimes often considered less severe?
Mish Barber Way

Courtroom Fashion Through the Ages

From Joan of Arc to Lindsay Lohan, an incomplete timeline of famous women's courtroom apparel.
Monica Heisey