human trafficking

Inside an Immersive Theater Project Confronting Sex Trafficking in Suburbia

I visited a human trafficking "horror house" in Georgia that aims to shed light on the often-overlooked issue.
Kimberly Lawson

The Roma Women Taking Center Stage in Spain’s Theater Scene

Residents of Europe's oldest Roma settlement, El Vacie, have long lived in poverty. But recently, they've become known for something else—their award-winning performances in classic plays.
Daniel Shkolnik

Rihanna Superfans Got Together and Made a Musical About Her Life

We spoke to the director and cast of "Good Girl Gone Bad," an unauthorized play about Rihanna's life that tells her life story through a mix of her songs and interview quotes.
Gabby Bess

The Scandalous 19th-Century Actress Whose Wealth and Sexuality Became Her Demise

Adah Isaacs Menken emerged from mysterious origins to become to highest-paid actress of the Civil War era. But her multiple affairs, frivolous attitude towards wealth, and signature nude body stocking soon became fodder for the sexist media.
Patricia Grisafi

The Students Trying to Get Their Peers to Say the Word 'Abortion'

College students in Texas are bringing abortion to the stage in order to start a dialogue about women's health.
Gabby Bess

Dead Woman in the Bathtub: Why Are We So Fascinated by Ophelia's Suicide?

For centuries, people have been depicting and reinterpreting Ophelia's death in Hamlet. Here's what our obsession with her mermaid-like corpse says about our anxieties about gender, sex, and mental illness.
Rosalind Jana

How Charlotte Church Went from Pop to Politics

Britain's "Voice of an Angel" was selling millions of albums and singing for Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Now she's undergone a very unlikely political renaissance.
Zing Tsjeng

A South African Playwright Created an Unflinching Play About Gang Rape in India

Yaël Farber's play Nirbhaya focuses on a Delhi gang rape, but it doesn't attempt to reduce the unspeakable, amorphous horror of the event into a neat or palatable narrative.
Callie Beusman