Congressional Hopeful Alexandra Chandler Comes Out Swinging for Trans Kids

Alexandra Chandler, who would become the first trans congresswomen if she's elected, is speaking out on a November vote in Massachusetts that will ask the public whether to overturn an anti-discrimination law protecting trans people.
Kelly Gonsalves
Essays on Religious Exemptions

How an Anti-LGBTQ Mississippi Law Denies Freedom to Trans Women Like Me

Freedom of religion is so important for all of us, and Christianity is a huge part of my life. Using God to discriminate against others harms everyone.
Malaysia Walker
Essays on Religious Exemptions

What It Was Like to Be Denied Medical Care Because of My Gender

Transgender people require healthcare just like everyone else. We are not asking for special privileges; we just want to have the same access to medical care all Americans are guaranteed under law.
Evan Minton
Essays on Religious Exemptions

My Son's Medical Care Wasn't Covered by Insurance Because He's Trans

This was not an optional surgery; it was a necessity for Pax. I believed—and still believe —that his life depended on it.
Cheryl Enstad

These Viral Space Pride Flags Are Proof the Universe Is Gay

Queer and nonbinary anthropologist Laurie Raye used pictures of stars, nebulas, and galaxies to make a non-binary flag—then, the requests for more astral LGBTQ pride flags started flowing in.
Zing Tsjeng

51 Percent of People of Color Experience Racism in LGBTQ Communities

A new Stonewall survey reveals that LGBTQ communities in Britain are not as welcoming and progressive as you might think.
Zing Tsjeng

Caitlyn Jenner's Quest for Acceptance

In 2015, Caitlyn Jenner ignited a conversation around the trans community—but her politics and outspokenness have cost her their support. Now she opens up about her mistakes, her family, and her journey to become a better person.
Diana Tourjée

The Unapologetic Trans Women of Color Who Helped Me Love My Body

Internet stars and YouTubers like Shauna Brooks and TS Madison have sustained me deeply during my transition.

Make 2018 the Year of Trans Representation in Politics

"Let us lead the resistance against our oppression," British Labour Party women's officer Lily Madigan writes for Broadly.
Lily Madigan

Lush's Trans Rights Campaign: Real Progress or Skin-Deep?

The cosmetics company recently launched the most public corporate campaign to increase awareness of trans issues.
Katelyn Burns

My Neo-Pussy Isn't a Cis Vagina—and I Like It That Way

My vaginoplasty helped me understand that gender was a lot more complex than I initially thought—and now I find truth in my wonkily queer body.
Juno Roche

The Joys and Trials of Getting Pregnant as a Masculine-Identifying Person

The documentary "A Womb Of Their Own" follows the joys and trials of getting pregnant as a masculine-identifying person. Director Cyn Lubow talks to Broadly about trans parenthood and their film.
Dominique Sisley