How an Online Forum for Moms Became a Toxic Hotbed of Transphobia

Mumsnet boasts of its political influence and hosts chats with Hillary Clinton and UK politicians. So how has it become ground zero for British transphobia?
Eve Livingston

One in Eight Transgender People Have Been Physically Attacked at Work

A new UK survey from Stonewall found that trans and non-binary people face shocking levels of harassment and abuse.
Zing Tsjeng

Bigots Are Donating Thousands to Keep Trans Women Out of UK Politics

A fierce debate rages within a major British political party as to whether trans women should be supported through women's only diversity initiatives. Now, a group of trans-exclusionary feminists are fundraising to block trans women from being elected.
Sirin Kale

Why I'm Making a Book of Sisterly Advice for Trans Girls

Nail Transphobia founder Charlie Craggs didn't have anyone to turn to for advice when she was transitioning. Her new book "To My Trans Sisters," a collection of letters from trans women to younger girls, aims to change that.
Charlie Craggs

Dustin Lance Black’s New ABC Drama Aims to Bring Gay History to Middle America

The Academy Award-winning 'Milk' screenwriter's new show, ‘When We Rise,’ follows three LGBTQ activists from 1970s gay liberation to 21st century marriage equality. Can the series unite a divided country?
Mitchell Sunderland

New Transphobic 'Bathroom Bill' Targets Trans Women but Not Trans Men

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will introduce a bill next year barring trans women from female restrooms—with no similar restriction on trans men in men's rooms. The reasoning, he says, is because "men can defend themselves."
Diana Tourjée

Public Outcry in Turkey After Trans Activist Raped and Burned to Death

Following the horrific news of Turkish trans activist Hande Kader's rape and murder, hundreds took to the streets to protest. We talked to those fighting for LGBT equality in Turkey about the state of violence against trans people in the country.
Sirin Kale

Trans Girl Scout Stands Up to Real Cookie Monster Who Called Her 'Boy in Dress'

We spoke with former Girl Scouts, both cis and trans, to learn about the intersection of wholesome childhood fun and the gender binary represented by Boy and Girl Scouts.
Diana Tourjée

Texas Creates 'Shitty' Transphobic Bathroom PSA

An advertising professional explains why this transphobic political ad sucks.
Diana Tourjée