family separation

The Psychology Behind Why Some Immigrant Kids Struggle with Family Reunification

Young children may push their parents away or become angry with them after a separation, psychologists and medical professionals explain.
Marie Solis
black maternal health

Black Mothers Share the Devastating Impact of Racism in Maternal Health Care

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, four Black women share their pregnancy and childbirth experiences to highlight the lasting impact of the racism and trauma Black women too often face when entering motherhood.
Kimberly Lawson

'I Loved Myself for the First Time': Women Prisoners Heal Trauma with Dance

High percentages of incarcerated women suffer from untreated PTSD. One quickly expanding program is successfully using dance to help them move forward.
Ari Honarvar

Emma Sulkowicz's New Show is a Thank You to Those Who Supported Them

After bursting onto the art scene with "Mattress Performance," Emma Sulkowicz further explores trauma and creates a literal net-work of support in their first gallery show, "The Floating World."
Linda Yang

The Autistic Children Who Are Labeled As Sex Offenders

According to social workers and activists, numerous young kids on the spectrum have ended up on the sexual offender registry for offenses that lacked sexual motivation.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Holocaust Survivor Using Her Trauma to Help Veterans

After escaping Auschwitz, Dr. Edith Eger went on to become a world-renowned clinical therapist who's creating new tools to tackle PTSD.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Emotional Artwork of Children Whose Parents Were Deported

“She told me that she saw her mom taken by ICE … the girl saw her mom leave in handcuffs, and she was screaming, ‘No, no, no!’ And that’s what she drew on a piece of paper: her mom and her screaming ‘No, no, no.’”
Kimberly Lawson

​Convicted Sex Offender Jared Fogle Sues Parents of One of His Victims

The former Subway pitchman is now suing the parents of one of his victims, saying they should take responsibility for her distress. We talked to a legal expert about how cases like this can make it even more difficult for victims of sexual abuse to...
Kimberly Lawson