Love Bites

The Post-Breakup Guide To Social Media

When to block, when to mute, and when to post a thirst trap.
Anna Pulley
3 days ago
Browsing Black History

Why White Allyship Isn't Enough

Feminista Jones' new book "Reclaiming Our Space" delves into modern Mammys, Twitter trolls, and the difference between white allyship and advocacy.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Woman Says Twitter Did Nothing After Suspected Mail Bomber Threatened Her

Twitter found "no violation" in threats to Rochelle Ritchie less than two weeks before Cesar Sayoc was taken into custody on suspicion of mailing bombs to politicians and prominent figures.
Leila Ettachfini

The Inventor of Big Dick Energy on the Rise and Demise of a Horny Twitter Joke

The inevitable life cycle of a meme, as explained by someone who watched other people take the credit (and profits) for her idea.
Kyrell Grant
The Privacy and Perception Issue

The Stages of My Life in Usernames

"Who knows what people are doing in real life so long as they present their purest front online? What is the opposite of catfishing?"
Aditi Natasha Kini
Drag Race

We Don't Deserve Leslie Jones and Alyssa Edwards's New Friendship

But we desperately need it.
Amelia Capaz

I Asked People Who Ghosted Me Why They Still Watch My Instagram Stories

Their answers range from "I'm trash" (true!) to "you post good videos of your cat" (also true).
Sara David

Trolls Are Illegally Posting Rape Survivors' Names on Twitter

Victims in sexual offense cases are guaranteed lifelong anonymity in the UK, but an investigation has found hundreds of posts on the social network identifying survivors.
Sirin Kale
gun violence

Teen Parkland Survivors on Using Social Media to Change Society

Sarah Chadwick and Delaney Tarr survived their school's shooting. Now they're using Twitter to teach each other where adults have failed.
Diana Tourjée

Twitter Slammed for Launching 'Tone-Deaf' Oscars Ad Celebrating Women

Many users pointed out that the social media giant has been historically all too averse to fixing the ongoing harassment of women on the site.
Sirin Kale

The Former Hillary Clinton Advisor Tracking Russian Bots and Trolls

After it was confirmed that Russia influenced our 2016 presidential election, foreign policy expert Laura Rosenberger set out on a mission to preserve democracy.
Sarah Aswell
Social Media

The Cathartic Doom of Existential Dread Twitter

In an age of constant misery and creeping fascism, Twitter accounts like Kim Kierkegaardashian, Medieval Death Bot, and Nihilist Arby's give a deadpan voice to our deepest fears.
Bethy Squires