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Your Contract at Work Might Prevent You from Suing Over Sexual Harassment

Over 60 million Americans have signed contracts with mandatory arbitration clauses, which prevent them from suing their employers over illegal treatment—many without realizing.
Sejal Singh
sexual assault

103 Uber Drivers in 20 US Cities Accused of Sexual Assault and Abuse

The tech giant has been plagued by criticism that it puts passengers at risk of sexual violence. Now a new investigation reveals the scale of the problem.
Sirin Kale
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What Happened When I Tried to Get Laid on LinkedIn

"I'd like to add you to my professional network xoxoxox Maria"
Maria Yagoda

Women Suck at Being Bosses Just as Much as Men

Former Google and Apple executive Kim Scott's new professional advice book, "Radical Candor," reads as a timely antidote to recent HR scandals at start-ups like Uber and Thinx. But it also inadvertently reveals a gender-neutral truth about the...
Erin Vanderhoof

Is Uber Doing Enough to Protect Women from Drivers Who Stalk Them?

After an Uber driver used Bridget Bechtel's number and address to harass her, she reported him. Uber’s response was less than comforting.
Kari Paul

India's First Female Uber Driver Has Been Found Dead

Bharati Veerath was the first woman to drive an Uber in her country. After her alleged suicide, a friend remembers her life.
Sirin Kale

'There Was a Stranger in My Own House': Is the Sharing Economy Safe for Women?

Women and minorities appear more likely to experience violence and discrimination on platforms like Uber and Airbnb. How did the gig economy go so wrong?
Sirin Kale

What It's Really Like to Live in the 'Rape Capital' of India

After the brutal rape of a 23-year-old woman on a bus in 2012, Delhi became a byword for sexual assault. Four years on, we ask women if they feel any safer on public transport.
Rebecca Hobson
sexual assault

Uber Responds to the 32 Rapes Reported Against Its London Drivers Last Year

New figures show that 32 rape or sexual assault claims were made against London Uber drivers in the last year. We ask the company how it's keeping women safe.
Sirin Kale