These Drag Kings Are the Only Royalty We Acknowledge

The performers of Pecs, a British drag collective of women and non-binary people, are proof that it feels good to be king.
Jason Okundaye
4 days ago

How I Enjoyed Sex Again After My Herpes Diagnosis

After Emily Depasse received a herpes diagnosis in 2015, she felt unloveable and hopeless about her future. Over time she realized that the STI wasn't a life sentence—and she was worthy of pleasure.
Emily Depasse
4 days ago

The Problem With Telling Women to Email Like Men

Maybe men should use more exclamation points!
Victoria Turk
International Women's Day 2019

10 Women Around the World on What Needs to Change by 2020

Broadly asked women around the world about their hopes and dreams for a better, fairer 2019 and on.
Sirin Kale
My First Time

My First One Night Stand Was So Bad, I Almost Gave Up On Casual Sex

Just because casual sex isn't great the first time, it doesn't mean you should stop trying, says sex YouTuber Florence Barkway.
Florence Barkway

In Photos: The Afrocentric Hair and Beauty Mall Turning Looks in London

“We want people to come, enjoy, and be educated by their experience."
Paula Akpan

2019 Is Going to Be a Hauntingly Good Time for Horror Lovers

From Octavia Spencer as a loner with a dark side in 'Ma', to Jen and Syliva Soska's much-anticipated big screen return with David Cronenberg remake 'Rabid', 2019 will be a vintage year for lovers of female-centered horror.
Anna Bogutskaya

How 'Cruel Intentions' Brought High-Glamor Cruelty On a Shoestring Budget

For its 20th anniversary, we speak to the cast and crew of the cult classic about persuading the Rolling Stones to play ball, sourcing school uniforms from Goodwill, and how that rosary necklace was made.
Sirin Kale
Common Misconceptions, Answered

A Mortician Debunks Your Biggest Stigmas About Death

A LA-based mortician explains why touching a dead body is safer than you think, and unpacks some lingering misconceptions about death.
Dominique Sisley
My First Time

I Cheated on My Boyfriend and Got Pregnant—and the Guilt Almost Destroyed Me

After I cheated on my boyfriend with a classmate, I found out I was pregnant—and wasn't sure whose it was. But even worse than the unwanted pregnancy, I was surprised to learn, was the guilt.
Charlie Stone
Compact Report

What Makeup Does This Professional Dominatrix Wear to Work?

As with all things in life, says Siren Vandoll, sometimes things don't go according to plan—whether it's a liquid eyeliner disaster or a client who doesn't know what they want.
Siren Vandoll

Police Use Genealogy Website to Crack 45-Year-Old Cold Murder Case

Linda Ann O'Keefe's family thought they would never find her killer. Decades later, police have arrested a suspect based on DNA match on a public genealogy site.
Zing Tsjeng