In "Unscrewing Ourselves," we explore the state of sex ed today by highlighting the individuals changing our sexual health for the better.

The Podcasts Covering the Kinks, Pleasure, and Personal Stories that Sex Ed Doesn't

Without a federal standard for comprehensive sex-ed, people are turning to podcasts for frank discussions about sex.

Mallory Schlossberg

The Sex Educator Teaching BDSM to People With Disabilities

Robin Wilson-Beattie didn’t get the support she needed to rebuild her sex life after an aneurysm, so now she dedicates her life to helping other people with disabilities.

Emma McGowan

The Role-Playing Video Game Where Teens Navigate Sex

“If a school or youth program has a good curriculum—great, this can augment it. If it doesn’t, this can go in and be easily accessible, as that really is the goal.”

Kimberly Lawson

How Bartenders Are Learning to Stop Sexual Assault on the Job

Safe Bars was founded in Washington D.C. to train bar staff how to intervene in cases of sexual assault. Now, it's rolling out across the country.

S.E. Fleenor

Remembering What Sex Ed Was Like in a Marxist Guerrilla Camp

For FARC soldiers deep in the Colombian jungle, membership of the country's biggest armed group came with surprisingly progressive sexual education—but little reproductive choice.

Sebastián Serrano
María Alejandra Rodríguez

This App Lets Teens Learn About Sex Through Text Messages

In 2016, three women decided to transform sex education for teens through technology. Together, they created Real Talk.

Kimberly Lawson

The Afghan Madam Helping Sex Workers Take Charge of Their Sexual Health

When she’s not busy supervising a network of sex workers, a madam and sex educator leads HIV prevention efforts in Afghanistan.

Michelle Tolson

How Can We Unscrew Ourselves?

At Tonic and Broadly, we're taking a close look at the future of sex ed because, let's face it, America's relationship with sex is complicated.

Lindsay Schrupp
Kate Lowenstein

What Happened After California Revolutionized Sex Ed

Advocates of LGBTQ-inclusive, comprehensive sex education see California as a beacon of hope, but putting the Healthy Youth Act into practice hasn't been without its challenges.

Steven Blum

The NYC Teens Teaching the Sex Ed They Never Had

Planned Parenthood of New York City's youth health educators are taking it upon themselves to teach reproductive health to the kids facing inadequate or non-existent sex education.

Leila Ettachfini

Teaching Kindergarteners About Consent

The women behind the radical consent education program YES!: Your Empowered Sexuality want to teach kids to respect each other's bodies long before they get to high school.

Danielle Corcione

Having a Chronic Illness Doesn't Mean Giving Up Sex

We spoke to Kirsten Schultz, the woman behind the #ChronicSex movement giving people with chronic illnesses and disabilities the information they need to build healthy sex lives.

Nicole Haase