'We Will Be Heard!': Thousands of Women Just Took Over the Utah State Capitol

While millions around the world gathered for the Women's March on Saturday, thousands of Utahns marched through the snow on Monday—the first day of the Utah state legislative session—to take over the Utah State Capitol and let their voices be heard.
Kimberly Lawson
reproductive rights

'We're Not Doctors': The Dangerous Quackery Behind 'Abortion Reversal'

Republican lawmakers in Utah plan to introduce a bill mandating that doctors inform all women seeking abortion care of "abortion reversal," a potentially dangerous procedure that is not backed by science.
Bethy Squires
mental health

The Grandma Suing a Utah Prison Over Her Teenage Grandson's Suicide

Janet Crane alleges her intellectually disabled grandson spent most of his life being bullied, beaten and abused in various Utah facilities. Now she's fighting for justice.
Sirin Kale

'I'm a Person, and I Deserve More': What It's Like to Escape a Polygamous Cult

In Utah, members of the Kingston Clan blend into contemporary society—but the Mormon group openly practices polygamy and incest and exploits its members financially. We spoke to former members to uncover what it's like to grow up in the religious sect...
Molly Oswaks

Elizabeth Smart Is Standing Up for Rape Victims—And Tearing Down Purity Culture

Fourteen years after she was kidnapped, sexually abused, and held in captivity for nine months, Elizabeth Smart is fighting to change the way we talk about sex, rape, and abstinence. We visited her in her Utah home to learn more about her advocacy.
Molly Oswaks

Utah State Student Allegedly Raped Four Women—and Never Faced Any Punishment

Multiple women told police and school administrators that they'd been raped by the same man, but he was never charged, nor did he face any disciplinary action.
Candace Bryan

How This Rescue Dog Became a Porn Sniffing K-9 Unit

Utah police have added a former rescue dog trained to sniff out high-tech devices used for creating child porn to their force.
Candace Bryan
sexual assault

BYU Punished a Rape Victim for Breaking Their 'Honor Code,' Student Claims

Utah's Mormon-run Brigham Young University requires that students "manifest a strict commitment to the law of chastity." When Madi Barney was raped, she claims, she was accused of violating this oath.
Cole Kazdin

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Women haven't always outlived men. A new study says the reason why may begin with childbirth.
Gabby Bess