How Learning to Love My Vagina Affirmed My Manhood

For Buck Angel, having sex as a "woman" never felt right—but having sex as a man with a vagina has been liberating (and fun as hell).
Buck Angel
Sex machina

I Tried Vagina 'Weight-Lifting' to Work Out and Orgasm at the Same Time

While I was skeptical that vagina vibrating Kegel balls would enhance my orgasms, I wondered if sprucing up my vagina could spruce up my life.
Maria Yagoda

This Man’s Official Job Title Is Vaginal Happiness Manager

“I’m just a normal guy."
Maria Yagoda

Over Half of Men Are Uncomfortable Talking About Their Partners' Vagina

According to a new survey, more than half of men are uncomfortable discussing gynecological health with their partner—and only one in five feels confident flagging any potential health issues they might notice down there, like unusual discharge or a lump.
Sarah Graham

How Robotic Vaginas Will Change the Future of Women’s Health

Medical researchers behind the "robotic vagina" explain how the invention will help doctors better serve patients in the future.
Candace Bryan

Why Teenage Girls Hate Their Vaginas So Much

As an American gynecological association issues new guidance on what to do when teenage girls request cosmetic genital surgery, we ask a doctor why an increasing number of teens are looking to 'correct' their vulvas.
Sirin Kale

How Eating Pussy Could Be Good for Your Health

Your vagina is full of the same probiotic bacteria that is packed into every health-conscious product from yogurt to kombucha. If the vagina is full of good bacteria, and people are eating as much good bacteria as they can, why not eat pussy?
Bethy Squires
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What Actually Happens When Your Vagina Falls Out

Uterine prolapse sounds horrifying, and it's much more common than you'd think.
Mish Barber Way