You Know Who Rules?

Kathy Tran on the 'Phenomenal Sisterhood' of Women in Politics

One of the first Asian-American women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates tells Broadly that she'll "continue to take a stance against the damaging policies of the Trump administration."
Linda Yang

'This Is How We Win': Inside Danica Roem's Historic Victory

Broadly follows the Virginia Democrat, who became the first openly transgender woman elected to any state house, as she poises for victory in one of the most unique elections in American history.
Broadly Staff

Watching Danica Roem Make History for Trans People Like Me

I stood in a bar in Virginia with Roem as she became the first openly trans person elected to a state house. "To every person who's ever been singled out, who's ever been stigmatized, who's ever been the misfit... this one's for you."
Diana Tourjée

The Food Festival Showing How Slaves Built American Cuisine

The annual Heritage Harvest Food Festival is hosted at Thomas Jefferson's slave plantation Monticello. This year, its founders and participants are making a concerted effort to reckon with the site's past.
Mitchell Sunderland

I Met a Pastor Who Thinks 'Transgenders' Are Deceptive—He Didn’t Know I’m Trans

Pastor Ralph Van Ness, who also works as a high school security guard, has been vocal in his fight to prevent trans people from using the bathroom. I wanted to see what he'd say face-to-face with a trans person.
Diana Tourjée