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How to Take Someone's Virginity Ethically

11 ways to make sure your partner feels sexy, comfortable, and cared for.
Anna Pulley
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What Brett Kavanaugh Got Wrong About Sexual Assault and Virginity

Experts on sexual violence say Kavanaugh revealed a deep misunderstanding of sexual assault when he brought up virginity during a Fox News interview.
Marie Solis
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How to Have Sex for the First Time

Everything you need to know about losing your virginity.
Anna Pulley

5 Trans Women Discuss Losing Their Virginity—Twice

Most people lose their virginity once, but after transition, do trans people get to have sex for the first time, a second time?
Diana Tourjée

Having Sex With Straight Men and Learning to Love as a Transgender Woman

As a teenage boy, and later a woman, I saw men try, fail, and finally succeed at learning to love.
Diana Tourjée

What It's Like Growing Up with the Belief that Tampons Take Virginity

As a teen, I felt stuck in a miserable balancing act: hiding tampons from my family or being shamed by friends for not using them.
Leila Ettachfini

The First Time I Had Sex with a Woman and Realized I Was Bisexual

"I started feeling this rush when I was around her and I didn't know how to pinpoint the way it made me feel. I'd look at her lips and think, I feel something."
Imogen Dive

Why We're Still So Obsessed with Virginity

"Virgin Envy," a new collection of essays, explores the tricky ambiguities of popping your cherry. We spoke to co-editor Cristina Santos about vampire hymens, "Twilight," and queer virgins.
Zing Tsjeng

The Number of Sexual Partners People Want Their Lovers to Have

In a study published last month investigating how sexual history affects a person's attractiveness, researchers determined that both men and women still care about the number of sexual partners a potential mate has had, but the number can vary.
Kimberly Lawson

What We Talk About When We Talk About Having Sex for the First Time

For centuries, people have been obsessed with stories about virginity loss. We talked to an expert about why this is—and how the typical deflowering narratives are changing.
Steven Blum

Don't Bother Pledging Your Virginity to Jesus—It Won't Work

Many Christians promise they won't have sex before marriage, but a new study has found that "purity pledgers" are actually more likely to get knocked up.
Diana Tourjée

How Your Genetics Influence When You Lose Your Virginity

New research shows that your genes are closely associated with when you pop your cherry and the age you have your first child. We talked to a scientist who worked on the groundbreaking study.
Zing Tsjeng