Love Bites

A Witch's Guide to Cord Cutting, the Simple Ritual to Get Over Your Ex

Your step-by-step guide to a ritual that will help you let go of your ex, heal, and meet someone new.
Sophie Saint Thomas

An Exorcist Is Now Trying to Protect Kavanaugh from Brooklyn Witches' Hex

An exorcist in California is holding a Mass to protect Brett Kavanaugh from the "evil" of a ritual hex set to curse him this weekend.
Leila Ettachfini

Inside the Lavish Arranged Marriage of a Powerful Witch Clan

In Romania, one of the world's most powerful witches arranged for her son to marry his witch cousin. Broadly attended the extravagant wedding to capture the rituals and ceremonies that go into planning a traditional occult wedding.
Broadly Staff

8 Creepy, Occult-Themed Things to Watch on Netflix This October

The most magical month of all needs a binge-watching list that follows suit.
Leila Ettachfini

Screw Santa Claus and Celebrate Befana, Italy's Kidnapping Christmas Witch

Say "ciao" to the Yuletide legend who rides a broom and brings naughty kids to her cannibal husband for dinner.
Mary McGill

The Strange, Freakish Story of Britain's 'Last Convicted Witch'

Helen Duncan was one of the last people convicted under the archaic Witchcraft Act of 1735. She was also a renowned medium known for spewing ectoplasm out of her nose.
Katie McCabe

Trying to Escape Our Hellish Reality with Motherwort, a Very Chill Herb

It's hard to ignore the fact that everything is awful. Recently, though, a group of witches told me about an herb that would make me feel like I'm "being embraced by Mother Earth."
Callie Beusman

The Enduring Allure of Baba Yaga, an Ancient Swamp Witch Who Loves to Eat People

Baba Yaga is a fearsome character from Russian folklore who lives in a hut that walks on chicken legs, and either cannibalizes her visitors or offers them help. In recent years, she's become a sort of aspirational figure on the Internet.
Marissa Clifford

Learning How to Slap Nazis at a Self-Defense Class Run by Witches

Shadow Sistxrs teaches women and non-binary people how to protect themselves physically and spiritually. I headed down to find out more.
Sirin Kale

What Happened When Romania's Most Powerful Witch Moved to LA

Mihaela Minca is one of the most powerful—and feared—witches in Eastern Europe. In 2017, she relocated to California to work with some clients. We spoke to her about living out her American dream, which of course included hexing Donald Trump.
Milene Larsson
The Craft

Boring Sarah Is the True Villain of 'The Craft'

"The Craft" is a story about a trio of chill and fun witches who are minding their own business and casting spells, only to have their fun ruined by an anti-feminist wet blanket.
Alana Massey

The Film Shedding Light on the Modern-Day Witch Hunts in Zambia

Rungano Nyoni’s debut film, "I Am Not A Witch," was the talk of Cannes. She explains how she used satire to depict the struggles of a child accused of witchcraft.
Sirin Kale