women's rights


We Are Already Closer to the End of Legal Abortion Than We Think

If a conservative judge like Brett Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court, we can expect a barrage of dangerous new anti-abortion restrictions proposed and enacted across the country.
Jex Blackmore

Camping Outside Congress During Argentina's Abortion Vote

Early Thursday morning, Argentina's Senate voted against legalizing abortion. I spent the 10 hours before standing in the cold with fellow activists hoping for a different outcome.
Paloma Navarro Nicoletti
Midterm Elections

Congrats to These Congressmen Ranked 'Worst for Women'

American Bridge and Ultraviolet, two progressive groups, gave 15 sitting members of Congress failing marks based on their votes on abortion rights, health care and more.
Marie Solis
supreme court

How Justice Kennedy's Retirement Could Spell Doom for Abortion and Gay Rights

President Donald Trump could appoint a conservative Supreme Court Justice keen on overturning landmark rulings.
Marie Solis
women's rights

In Saudi Arabia, Winning the Right to Drive Is Bittersweet

Women's driving rights are long overdue in the KSA, but as the activists who successfully fought for them are detained, it's hard for women's rights advocates to celebrate.
Leila Ettachfini
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Amber Rose Doesn't Care What the Media Gets Wrong About Her

Amber Rose sits down with host Amanda Knox to discuss how her experiences with the media have shaped her feminism and how she handles harassment today for The Scarlet Letter Reports.
Amanda Knox
The Least You Could Do

100 Easy Ways to Make Women's Lives More Bearable

We've got more if you need them.
Dani Beckett
International Women's Day 2018

Women Around the World Share the Sexist Things They Can't Believe Still Exist

It's 2018, but women still face innumerable obstacles in their daily lives. In honor of International Women's Day, women explain what they'd like to see change in their home countries.
Broadly Staff
sexual harassment

Speaking Up About Sexual Misconduct at Work Is Only the Start

Despite the recent outpouring of sexual misconduct allegations, the vast majority of individuals harassed at work rarely report it, and those who do often face retaliation. So what can workplaces do to more effectively fight harassment?
Kimberly Lawson

This Housewife's Scandalous Sex Memoir Was Banned by the Supreme Court

In "The Housewife's Handbook on Selective Promiscuity", forward-thinking author Lillian Maxine Serett a.k.a. Rey Anthony preached the joys of female pleasure. The government responded by seizing and destroying all copies.
Dee Cunning
birth control

After 'Egregious Attack' on Birth Control, Five Women Sue Trump Administration

“The new rules, because they basically allow employers to take away that coverage, are going to put women back in the same position of having to decide whether they need to forego birth control because they just can’t afford it.”
Kimberly Lawson
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Accused of Giving a Female Robot More Rights Than Women

After Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world to grant a robot citizenship this week, critics were quick to point out that Saudi women are still denied basic rights and dignities under the country's notorious guardianship system.
Leila Ettachfini