The Problem With Telling Women to Email Like Men

Maybe men should use more exclamation points!
Victoria Turk
Common Misconceptions, Answered

A Mortician Debunks Your Biggest Stigmas About Death

A LA-based mortician explains why touching a dead body is safer than you think, and unpacks some lingering misconceptions about death.
Dominique Sisley
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How My Phone Saved Me From Feeling Like a Constant Failure

Making an endless to-do list made me feel like a failure—until an iPhone app helped me see the difference between taking out the trash and tackling my bigger life goals.
Crissy Milazzo
Getting Out of Bed

How to Get Out of Bed After You've Been Laid Off

Darcie Wilder on figuring out how to structure her days after losing a job in media.
Darcie Wilder
Getting Out of Bed

Four Women on the Restorative Joy of Napping at Work

"Sylvia Plath once said, "There may be things that a hot bath can't cure, but I don't know many of them." I feel the same way about napping."
Sirin Kale
Getting Out of Bed

My Chronic Illness Makes My Bed a Haven—and a Prison

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 19, for better or worse, my bed became a catch-all for place of work, place of rest, and everything in between.
Ione Gamble
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Why Long Phone Conversations Are Necessary to My Happiness

A phone call is a remarkably contained experience between two people in a world that otherwise demands we share everything.
Marjon Carlos

I Took a Tinder Date to My Office Holiday Party

I figured that if he was the kind of person who’d agree to a first date at a stranger’s company holiday party, he was the kind of person that I’d get along with.
Dana Hamilton
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A Drunk Horse Gave Me the Best Professional Advice I Ever Received

How sneaking clips of "BoJack Horseman" at the office helped one newfound corporate professional cope with workplace stress.
Elyse Fox

10 Office Gifts for the Coworkers You Think Are OK. Fine, Even

Even your most boring-ass coworkers will delight in a li'l holiday spirit this season!
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Relentless Horror of Being Stalked as an Instagram Star

Andreea Cristina Bolbea has endured stalkers attempting to sabotage her career, ruin her marriage, and visit her home unannounced.
Andreea Cristina Bolbea
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5 Women on How Much Their Stalker Cost Them

From moving house to weekly therapy sessions, being a stalking victim can be expensive. Five women break down exactly how much their abusers cost them.
Sirin Kale