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Australian Actress Brenna Harding on Same-Sex Parenting Rights and Female Collectives

Oct 13 2016

Australian actor Brenna Harding was flung into the spotlight at a young age when she appeared on a segment of popular television program Play School with her two mothers. The portrayal of same-sex parenting in 2004 caused outcry around Australia, and since then Harding has been passionately campaigning for same-sex parenting and adoption rights.

The Play School moment also acted as a catalyst for Harding to get into acting. At fifteen, she landed a major role in the television series remake of Australian classic Puberty Blues. Her endearing and relatable take on the role of Sue Knight received critical acclaim, and saw her ride a new wave of fame.

These days, the now 20-year-old is pursuing passions off-screen, too. Between studying Film and Media at university, Harding recently launched female collective Moonlight Feminists.

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