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The Australian Model Calling Out Fashion’s Size Hierarchy

Sep 27 2016

Stefania Ferrario wants greater representation in the fashion world. Last year, when the Australian model posted a photo of herself to Instagram with the hashtag #DropThePlus, she called on the industry to stop using "plus" and "plus size" when describing models who are larger than a size four. Her photo, in which she had the words "I am a model" written across her stomach, went viral and Ferrario has since emerged as a leader in the fight for fashion without labels.

In this episode of Broadly Meets, Ferrario talks to us about the importance of diversity on the runway and why she thinks categorizing models as "plus size" is damaging. She also opens up about her journey toward accepting her body in an industry notoriously not known for body acceptance and how she uses modeling to explore various aspects of her identity.

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