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Daily Horoscopes: December 18, 2018

The moon enters Taurus today.
Annabel Gat
19 hours ago
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Weekly Horoscope: December 16 - 23

This Friday's winter solstice is powerfully romantic!
Randon Rosenbohm
a day ago
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Announcing Our New Sunday Newsletter: This Is Fine.

A weekly look at the highly personal and specific ways we go about improving our days.
Broadly Staff
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Tess Holliday Never Thought Her Modeling Career Would Be This Controversial

In the Season 2 premiere of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox sits down with model Tess Holliday to hear how she fights harassment and spreads body positivity.
Diana Tourjée
an hour ago
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Anita Sarkeesian on Sexism in Gaming

Amanda Knox meets Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist video blogger who has experienced relentless online harassment, doxxing, and death threats because of her YouTube videos.

The Drag Troupe For Kings and Queens With Learning Disabilities

British performance collective Drag Syndrome wants audiences see and appreciate the artistic and creative talents of people with Down's syndrome.
Deana Morton
2 hours ago
this is fine

I Made Peace With My Body on a Sweaty Dance Floor

On a dance floor, I realized that I can use my mind not to punish myself, but to invite a special brand of silence to make room for celebration.​
Kimberly Drew
a day ago
Trans Legends

Ceyenne Doroshow on Going from Homeless Trans Youth to Holistic Caregiver

After living in Central Park as a teen, Ceyenne Doroshow moved on to working at a homeless shelter, then founding an organization that supports trans sex workers.
Zackary Drucker
a day ago

Emma Stone Kept Laughing Through One of Sexiest Scenes of 'The Favourite'

Emma Stone's character pleases Queen Anne of England in a bath scene that involved a particularly noisy sponge.
Bianca Betancourt
a day ago
Compact Report

Inside the Makeup Bag of a Teenager Who Splurges at Sephora When She's Sad

Compact Report is a beauty diary series looking inside people's makeup bags (and budgets). This week, a 19-year-old student talks Glossier hype, her onetime aspiration to be an Insta baddie, and her love of turquoise eyeliner.
Fabliha Anbar
a day ago
New York politics

Cynthia Nixon Sees Her Progressive Influence in Cuomo's 2019 Agenda

Former gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon took some credit for pushing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the left on issues like reproductive rights and legalizing marijuana.
Marie Solis
an hour ago

Man Who Said Girlfriend Died After 'Rough Sex' Convicted of Manslaughter

Multi-millionaire property developer John Broadhurst left Natalie Connolly to die at the foot of a staircase in their home after she suffered more than 40 injuries, which he claimed were the result of consensual sexual activity.
Zing Tsjeng
3 hours ago

Germany Introduces a Third Gender Category on Official Documents

Its parliament just approved an option for gender non-conforming, intersex, or non-binary people on birth certificates.
Sirin Kale
4 days ago
How to Behave

A Guide to Dealing with Anger

In an effort to combat the outdated idea of women acting "proper," Barbie Ferreira searches for beneficial ways to use her anger.