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A Drunk Horse Gave Me the Best Professional Advice I Ever Received

How sneaking clips of "BoJack Horseman" at the office helped one newfound corporate professional cope with workplace stress.
Elyse Fox
sex work

Sex Workers Are the Original Feminists

An excerpt from Juno Mac and Molly Smith's "Revolting Prostitutes," a book that platforms the voices of sex workers.
Juno Mac
Molly Smith

Saudi Arabia Just Executed A Maid For Murdering Her Employer 'In Self-Defense'

Human rights groups say that Indonesian domestic worker Tuti Tursilawati was trying to protect herself from sexual assault.
Sirin Kale

This Trans Courier Is Fighting To Improve Gig Economy Conditions

Gig economy workers have zero workplace protection from discrimination. Hayley Stanley's lawsuit could change all that.
Lee Hurley

What It's Like to Build a Hospital in a Warzone

An engineer in war-torn South Sudan explains what its like to build medical infrastructure in a place so violent that the UN can't send in its own ground workers.
Andy Jones

Domestic Workers Are Using WhatsApp to Organize and Escape Abuse

The hugely popular messaging service provides an unlikely lifeline for migrant women working as live-in maids and nannies.
Laura Secorun

The Women You Can Rent as Your BFF

Business is booming for Japan's rent-a-friend industry, where you can pay someone $50 an hour to pretend to be your friend. We talk to two women who provide the popular service.
Bobbie van der List

When Discussing Sex Discrimination, Don't Forget Pregnant Women

In the UK alone, up to 54,000 women lost their jobs in 2017 as a result of maternity discrimination. Why are workplaces failing new mothers?
Bridie Witton
domestic violence

What It's Like Running an Underfunded Domestic Violence Shelter

"We have to turn women away every day, which is like the worst feeling in the world.”
Stephanie Soh

These Women Make A Living By Singing at People's Funerals

Singing at her grandmother's funeral inspired Penelope Shipley to start a business and do the same for other people's families. “The idea has always been to help people," she says.
Kate Leaver
sexual harassment

For Domestic Workers, Sexual Harassment Can Feel Totally Inescapable

Most domestic workers work alone as nannies, house cleaners, or in-home healthcare workers—leaving them particularly vulnerable to harassment, and with few options for recourse or protection.
Lena Solow

My First Job Was Behind the Camera on a Phone-Sex TV Channel

Manning the cameras at a 24-hour softcore porn channel, I got a firsthand look at the company's battle against arbitrary censorship laws, and the performers' struggle to express themselves in a job with a strict, sex-robot procedure.
Aoife Rose