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Meet The 'Man Servants' You Can Now Hire To Get Over Your Ex

Apr 6 2016

Professional People is a new Broadly series that examines the business of for-hire companionship. In this episode, host Mish Way meets the people behind ManServants, a Los Angeles-based startup that allows women to rent men by the hour.

The modern woman has a lot more choice than her predecessors when it comes to satisfying her desires. Recently, a few companies have cropped up to capitalize on this new market: Women who have extra money but little time to find a man that will cater to their needs.

ManServants is one of them, offering women a luxurious social experience, emotional support, and, of course, eye candy. The working men heed the requests of those who order them, providing an array of services that aim to make a woman feel good. We talk with the founders of the company about their business model, the men who serve, and the women who are looking to be pampered for a price.

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